For over four decades Affiliated Realty and Management Company has met the objectives of owners through responsible management and aggressive marketing of investment property holdings. A seasoned team of professionals, encompassing property management, leasing, accounting and specialized legal counsel, stand ready to assist owners and help them attain their goal of maximizing net income.

Property Management Department 

In addition to addressing the day-to-day needs of each commercial project, Affiliated's property management department undertakes preventive maintenance programs to preserve the physical integrity of structures.

Leasing Department 

Our team of street savvy brokers facilitates leasing transactions through cold call canvassing of potential tenants, business and community networking, and aggressive advertising campaigns.

Accounting Department 

Affiliated's in-house, full service accounting department handles a full spectrum of bookkeeping matters related to the management of investment properties including:

  • Rent collection
  • Tax, mortgage, maintenance, insurance and other disbursements
  • Property owners' distribution checks
  • Preparation of partnership tax returns and other financial statements

In addition, our staff regularly consults with the insurance industry to ensure owners receive proper coverage at the best rates.

Legal Counsel 

Affiliated engages the services of specialists ranging from collection attorneys pursuing delinquency matters for property owners to tax attorneys challenging governmental impositions on behalf of both owners and tenants.